My name is Haley, Miss Haley (if you take ballet with me) or "Hey You/Thing 1" if you're my parents.

I’m 24 years old, and recently graduated from Western Carolina University with a double major in Professional Writing and Editing, and Ballet Pedagogy. I write about ballet at Beyond the Barre, and write about my personal life and things I get annoyed about over at Haley Thinks Too Hard. I know live in Raleigh and am getting married in March of 2017. I am an Admin Assistant and Webmaster over at Staffing Support Solutions, and I teach dance at Stage Door Dance.

My favorite things to do are knitting, reading, bike riding, writing books, classical French and Russian ballet, horse back riding, designing websites, baking and decorating cakes, and playing with my cat, Ariel, and when I get inspired to write a book, it takes over my life.


Beauvallet (and here)
Lydia Dare series
My Unfair Lady
The SuperStress Solution
Ada: Legend of a Healer
Gifts of the Heart
The Light The Dark and Ember Between
The Diabetic Pastry Chef
Thumbing Through Thoreau
Triangle of Deception
The Super Stress Solution

Musical Chairs - PRLog


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