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I try to host blog hops every few months. I think they're so much fun!

What is a blog hop?
Everyone posts related to a specific topic, and links the next blog on the list. Readers go from blog to blog and read the articles, enter the giveaways, and collect the freebies. This is a great way to gain new followers!

Who can participate?
Any blogger who is willing to post on the topic. No specific niche is required, but you must post on the topic assigned.

How long does it last?
Sometimes it lasts one day, sometimes three, sometimes five!

Do I have to offer a giveaway or a freebie?
No, but it does help get people to your page ;)

How do I sign up?
I will always post the most recent blog hop on this page!

Summer Bucket List Blog Hop
May 15-19, 2017

Daily Post Themes:

Monday - Summer Bucket List (goals, crafts, ideas, vacations)
Tuesday - Vacation-themed (where to go, what to do, ideas, tips)
Wednesday - Reflection (experience from last summer, what you want to do differently, if I could change anything, etc)
Thursday - A Summer Memory (favorite vacation, experience, someone you met)
Friday - Freebies, Printables, Giveaways, coupons, deals, etc.

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