Yes, some stuff is actually free. But when I say free, I mean legally free.

Everyone loves Printables!!

My Printables:

Lavender EO uses and recipes
Rose EO uses and recipes
Baking kitchen print
Blog Post Planner

A lot of the stuff I get for free are from review clubs! (and if you have a blog or youtube channel like I do, that helps too!)

Elite Deal Club
 - Steep discounts and occasional freebies, mostly beauty and health products. Check every morning at 10am ECT! They do not ask for a review in exchange for the item.

Tomoson - A little harder to get approved for stuff, but once you get a good rating you can actually start getting paid to write reviews and promote items. It helps to have a good social following first. Some companies require you to have multiple social networking sites just to apply. All Amazon reviews are optional.

Ever heard of Noisetrade? Artists put their music online to become better known. Sometimes I review the music here.

NetGalley provides e-books for review. You don't need a blog, but it helps. Many authors will appreciate you writing your review on Amazon (which is still allowed by the new TOS)

You should also check out Amazon's free Kindle books. It's updated regularly and easy to download! Granted there's a lot of erotica on the list, but sometimes you'll find some really good stuff!

Podiobooks is great for self-published, indie, or obscure audiobooks. It's also great because you don't have to download the whole book; you can subscribe to it and not fill up your hard drive -_-

Learn Out Loud had lots of audiobooks, and some are free. Here's the freebies page.

Open culture has a lot of classics. Here's a list of freebies (sorted in alphabetical order).

Yes I know, you probably already know about Librivox. But I'm making this list so you know which ones I've particularly enjoyed:

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