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Before you e-mail me, please check to see if your book fits my policy and blog content.

The Life and Lies accepts a limited number of books, products, and other items for review. I also feature websites, apps, and stores on this site. If you are interested in a feature or a review, please read the following carefully before emailing me. 

Acceptance Policy

 Book Genres I accept

  • Young Adult fiction
  • Teen fiction
  • Adult fiction
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Thriller or crime
  • Craft/instructional/cooking
  • Children's (ages 4-7)
  • Christian fiction
  • Christian living/devotional
  • Select non-fiction
  • Audiobooks in any of these genres

If your book does not fall into at least one of these categories, please do not e-mail me. Just because your book falls into these categories does not mean I will accept it.

Book Genres I do not accept

  • Erotica or sexually explicit books
  • Books with a lot of explicit language
  • Biography
  • Memoir
  • Non-fiction
  • Weight loss/health,
  • Religious books outside of Christianity,
  • Homosexual/Bisexual/Gay/Lesbian fiction.
  • E-books of any genre.

If your book falls into at least one of these categories, please do not e-mail me.


I will review select e-books. I do not have an e-reader so it must be a .PDF file. Please contact me about a specific title.

I cannot review a book if it is a continuation of a series or a sequel, and I have not read the first book(s). Please contact me about series reviews.

Review Policy


Books are given priority by publication date, not necessarily on a first-come first-served basis. I will review all unpublished books first, and published books second.

I will send the review to the publisher, author, source etc. as soon as I have finished it, but if the book publication is not scheduled for some time, I may wait to publish the review on the blog until closer to the publication date. With my e-mail, I will include a date the review will be live on the blog. I will send a link only by request.

I will usually post a review for every book I read. I cannot guarantee that I will finish the book, and I cannot guarantee that the review will be positive, but if I read it or any part of it, I will review it. Some exceptions may apply.

Please do not e-mail me and ask when a review is coming.

About the Book Review

I will post a rating in a basic format of #/5 stars, give a synopsis, critique the characters and plot, and touch a little on the writing and prose. I will always mention sexual content, violence, and language, and leave a recommendation of the age group the book will appeal to.

I will always post my 100% honest opinion.

My opinion is founded with the presuppositions of the Christian Berean nondenominational church. This may or may not affect my opinion of the book (see my disclaimer).

For FTC regulations please see my disclaimer. To see my source of obtaining the book, see Reviews and find the book (sorted in alphabetical order by title). The source is written beside the title.

Other Reviews

All other items are open for consideration. Items, websites, apps, and products will be reviewed on a first-come first-reviewed basis, unless the other posts that week clash, or there is a better week for that review to go live (i.e. staying within a theme for that week).

Contest Policy

For physical prizes, I ask for mailing addresses for contests so I can forward them directly to the publisher (see privacy policy) or mail the prize myself.

For digital prizes, I send you a link to a page where you can download your prize. Your prize will be password protected, and will only allow one download, so please make sure you're ready to download it when you go to the page!

There is no refund/exchange for prizes lost in the mail.

Any contest/giveaway winners under the age of 13 must have parent/legal guardian permission to enter a contest.

If you are interested in having me host your contest, please email me.

Privacy Policy

I will never under any circumstances give/sell your information to anybody.

To contact me, please e-mail me at:

Thank you,
Haley Mathiot

Updated 7/22/16


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