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Hey there, you've reached The Life and Lies of an Inanimate Flying Object. I'm sure you're a bit confused. Let me help clear that confusion up.

What on earth is The Life and Lies?
The Life and Lies is a blog of all blogs. Since I am a jack-of-all-trades, my blog tends to be eclectic at the least, and chaotic at the most.

Here's what it means:

The Life - my life!

and Lies - I write novels, and go on adventures in my head to keep me busy

Inanimate - You know how sometimes you feel like you have all these things you want to do but you never have time to actually do any of them?

Flying - I work 2 full time jobs, write on 2 blogs, and work out daily. I'm a little busy.

Object - Identity cannot be found on the inside; the price of the item is set by the artist who created the item.

What will you find here?
I write about a variety of things, hopefully you'll find at least one category you're interested in!

What kind of food am I dedicated to? Not vegan, not organic, not sugar free. Not food that fits into any kind of diet. Now granted sometimes the food I bring you does fit into those categories... but that's not why I'm sharing them. I' share food that tastes good. Because you can diet all year (I know I do!) but if you can't have that one special pizza and glass of beer you've been craving, literally what is the point? So I'm dedicated to delicious, yummy, awesome food that you will want to make, no matter what diet you're on!

We have one life, and we have one planet. Let's take care of it. Your quality of life will improve when you take care of it the way it was meant to be cared for! Now I'm kind of a lazy person, so all my Natural Living ideas and posts are very easy and don't require huge investments or expensive equipment. It's all about baby steps. If everyone does their part, we get more done.

Our bodies were meant to be tools, well oiled machines, and serve us for a long time. If your body isn't serving you, maybe it's time to invest in it! Exercise sucks and it's hard... but you can do hard things.

Find a new brand. Make a new connection. Experience a new product. All my reviews are 100% honest. I don't review because I want free stuff; I review because I love sharing the products I'm excited about! (I tend to donate almost everything I get when I'm done anyway).

Oh Hell Yes. I love crafts. I'm an artist and crafter and have been sewing and knitting and making things since I was six. We were made in the image of God, and our God is creative!  We were meant to be creative as well.

Sometimes it's good to stop and look back, so you can move forward. Sometimes others can learn from your mistakes and misunderstandings and other mis-es. 

From blogging freebies to Essential Oil infographs to cute printables, The Life and Lies is loaded with all sorts of great free stuff to help enrich your life, your blog, and your home. I'm a dedicated teacher; that's what I do best!

Who am I?

My name is Haley. People call me Haleybop (like the comet!), or sometimes just Bop.

 I'm a 25-year-old college grad with a useless degree. I work at a staffing company in Raleigh NC, and live in Cary NC with my gorgeous husband and sweet kitty-cat. I also teach ballet, write novels, bake things, drink a lot of alcohol, and make crafty things. I like to try new things and write about it. You can read my 10-things you didn't know post for more.

I started The Life and Lies when I was in High School, in 2009. It went from being a personal blog, to a book blog, to a what-the-hell-is-happening-on-this-blog-blog, to whatever it is now. It's been an evolution to say the least.

I have a degree in Professional Writing and Editing, and a second major in Ballet Pedagogy. I teach dance 5 days a week and write about ballet technique, strengthening, and choreography at Beyond the Barre. Because of my love for dance, I tend to carry that over into my love for health, quality food, nutrition, exercise, and general well-being.

Lastly but most importantly, I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, He is my King and my Lord.

Where can you follow me?

Would you like some free stuff?

I have this awesome page full of free stuff! It has my printables and downloads, music, audiobooks, kindle books, and other links where you can get stuff for free.

What's that? You'd like to pay me? Well, if you must...

Interested in partnering or working with me? Shoot me an email, I'll reply within 24 hours (most of the time way less).

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